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Discover the Wonders of Sal Island with Logan Tours

Welcome to Sal Island, an enchanting destination brimming with natural beauty and adventure! At Logan Tours, we are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable experience as you explore this stunning island. Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker, or simply looking to relax, our tours offer something for everyone. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your island tour with us.

Embrace Flexibility and Adventure

Our tours are designed to showcase the best of Sal Island’s natural attractions. However, due to changing weather conditions and logistical factors, the itinerary might need adjustments. We encourage you to embrace flexibility and come with an adventurous spirit to fully enjoy your experience.

Respecting Nature

As you journey through Sal Island, you will have the privilege of visiting pristine nature reserves. These areas are home to unique ecosystems and wildlife, so it’s crucial to show utmost respect for the environment. Remember:

  • Do not litter.
  • Avoid disturbing wildlife.
  • Refrain from removing natural features.

By following these guidelines, you help preserve the beauty of Sal Island for future visitors. Your awareness and actions make a significant difference in conservation efforts and the protection of these precious ecosystems.

Guided by Experts

Our experienced guides are here to ensure your safety and enhance your experience. They are well-trained, certified professionals passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge of Sal Island’s flora, fauna, and culture. Trust their expertise and enjoy the journey as they lead you through the island’s most breathtaking spots.

Immerse Yourself in the Experience

Sal Island offers a raw and untouched beauty that is truly mesmerizing. We encourage you to bring your sense of wonder and immerse yourself in the natural splendor. Each moment spent on this island is an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Additional Costs to Consider

While our tours offer incredible value, please note that some activities and services may incur additional costs. Prices listed below are subject to change:

  • Lunch: From €14 per person or 1560 $ per person (only during full-day tours)
  • Shark Bay: Water guide + shoe rental: €3 or 330 $ per person
  • Blue Eye: Entrance fee: €3 per person or 330 $ per person
  • Salt Mines: Entrance fee: €6 or 660 $ per person

What to Bring

For a comfortable and enjoyable tour, we recommend bringing the following items:

  • Sunscreen and plenty of water: Essential for staying hydrated and protected from the sun.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: Ideal for exploring beaches and trails.
  • Bikini or swimsuit: Wear under your clothing for easy access to swimming spots.
  • Hat or cap: For sun protection.
  • Hair ties or headband: To keep your hair out of the way while seating outside.
  • Camera or smartphone: To capture the island’s stunning beauty.
  • Cash: For personal expenses, lunch, and entrance fees.
  • Towel: Handy for beach stops and swimming or floating.
  • Sunglasses: To protect your eyes from the sun.

Payment Details

Payment can be made to the guide at the end of the tour in euros or escudos. Please note that escudos is a closed currency and cannot be exchanged outside Cape Verde. Bring only what you need for the tour.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Adventure

At Logan Tours, we are excited to guide you through the natural treasures of Sal Island. Our commitment to providing a memorable and enriching experience is unmatched. Let’s explore this extraordinary island together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for choosing Logan Tours. We look forward to sharing this incredible adventure with you!

We hope this blog post provides you with all the information you need to prepare for your tour. For any further details or to book your tour, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Happy exploring!

Mayara 💙 Logan Tours Team

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