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A team is a group of individuals (human or non-human) working together to achieve their goal. As defined by Professor Leigh Thompson of the Kellogg School of Management, team is a group of people who are interdependent with respect to information, resources, knowledge and skills and who seek to combine their efforts to achieve a common goal”.

Mayara Cabral
Founder/CEO - Dutch Guide

Having spent significant years in the Netherlands, Mayara returned to Sal in 2021, driven by love for Kendall. With an unwavering passion for showcasing Sal's wonders, Mayara is dedicated to elevating this island into a must-visit destination for travelers from around the world.

Kendall da Luz
Founder/Mechanic - English/Portuguese Guide

The mechanic who turned in tour guide. Arriving in Sal in 2017, Kendall swiftly adapted to his new role, leveraging his mechanical skills to become a sought-after guide. With a passion for exploration and a keen eye for detail, Kendall offers visitors a memorable journey through Sal's wonders.

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Sales Representative

Location: RIU Palace Santa Maria

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Sales Representative

Location: Melia Dunas

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Sales Representative